John Delaney Motor Factors are leading suppliers of high-quality clutch parts for almost all makes and models of cars, vans and light trucks. We source our products from top suppliers including LUK and Sachs and offer them to you at extremely competitive prices. Our experienced, highly skilled team are always on hand to offer practical advice and assistance if you are unsure of the best product for your needs. We have clutch, fly wheel and conversion kits available for most makes and models.
All clutches sold by John Delaney Motor Factors come with a two year warranty.

For high-quality clutch components at competitive prices contact John Delaney Motor Factors now. If we don’t have the item you are looking for, we can quickly source it for you.

Clutch Maintenance

Here are some tips we recommend to ensure your clutch remains in good condition.
Choose quality kits, friction discs etc. – it is important that your clutch and all related components are of good quality in order to avoid costly repairs and maintenance. The clutch products on offer at John Delaney Motor Factors have been tested for their quality and performance.
Don’t ride the clutch – avoid keeping your foot on the clutch for too long as this will wear it down.
Slow down in advance when stopping – by slowing down in advance when you see obstructions ahead you can avoid clutch slippage.
Pull away slowly – keep your RPMs relatively low when pulling away from a stopped position and be sure not to slip the clutch more than is necessary.
Don’t substitute the clutch for your brakes – use the clutch as intended, it is more expensive to replace than your brake pads.