John Delaney Motor Factors are a leading supplier of high-quality brake parts for cars, vans and light trucks, based in Louth. We offer brake parts suitable for almost all makes and models at extremely competitive prices. We source our products from top suppliers including Apec and Mintex, so you are guaranteed to be receiving a quality product. We have an experienced, highly skilled team on hand to offer practical advice and assistance when you shop, ensuring you leave with the product you need.
All brakes sold by John Delaney Motor Factors come with a two year or 50,000km warranty.

For high-quality brake components at competitive prices contact John Delaney Motor Factors now. If we don’t have the item you are looking for, we can quickly source it for you.

Brake Maintenance

Here are some tips we recommend to ensure your brakes remain in good condition.
Choose quality brake rotors and pads – your braking system plays an extremely important role so when it comes to replacing your old brakes it is important to purchase a quality replacement. The brake products on offer at John Delaney Motor Factors have been tested for their quality and performance.
Check your brake fluid – it is important to regularly check that your brake fluid is good and is at the appropriate level.
If necessary, change your brake fluid – if your brake fluid is in bad condition then you should change it. We have top quality brake fluids on offer.
Check your brake rotors and pads – you should regularly inspect your brake rotors and pads to ensure they are in good condition.